the magic of maps

It's all in the cloud

How to provide top quality map experience to masses with lowest possible cost? Yep, you guessed right, the answer is blowing in The Cloud.


Magic of maps contains three elements - management client, smartphone client and the cloud

Management client

Create, maintain and publish your local maps with easy-to-use tool on your desktop - for free!

Smartphone client

Use Map Leaflet client on your smartphone to access all published maps


Let the cloud store and distribute maps, and deliver reports to map owners

Easy and fun

For end users, it's a cool smartphone app. All coming together on an innovative and easy-to-use interface. You'll never get lost with Map Leaflet!
Tip! Hoover mouse cursor over an image to get info.

Main Menu

The client shows the closest Map Leaflet locations automatically

Get more information by clicking a location

Click triangle to open a map


Main View

See the attractions around the area

Find out easily when events start near you

Zoom in and out on the map with simple gestures


More Info

Click any location icon to get more information

Rate an attraction with a simple click


Navigation Paths

Click a location to set navigation target

Follow the route to find a destination


Friends and Family

Create group for your family or friends

See online where your mates roam

Chat online with the group members


Time to Play

Have fun by playing Map Leaflet games

Find treasure maps on the area and follow clues to find treasures

Send messages in bottles to other visitors

1 000 000 000

Map Leaflet targets to a market with over one billion potential users annually. We are seeking partners who want to help us financially to reach and enchant those people.
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